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Don't expect much I spent over 30 minutes attempting to sync and figure this app out. In the end, it found each device but actual syncing never occurred. Every time I tried to select an option, the app would close out. Oh and it's a paid subscription app, you only get a month free.

I think I'll just buy one of the other basic monitoring apps, this was an incredible waste of time. Same iOS, same wifi, no devices found. Mais ca a l'air pratique! And we never were able to actually connect two phones with a live video feed. There are also no instructions in the app - just a three slide tutorial that provides little information. Great app! I love it! Love it! It makes it easy to use. Was exactly what I was looking for. Baby mon. Can I get my money back? Tried times to sync two iPhones without success. Then I got a iPad and got those two to sync for a little bit, but the Screen was all squashed and when I tried to fix it I lost connection with the baby monitor and never could reconnect.

When I got back my baby was screaming bloody murder Il fait que la résolution soit améliorée. We'll see if it works first? Funktioniert nicht! Eine Verbindung zwischen den Geräten wird aufgebaut, das war es dann auch schon, das Kamerabild übertragen ist nicht möglich It really is a great app. I hope every parent out there uses it. Thank goodness for this app!

It worked beautifully! Drains battery but that's not surprising. Ein schlechte Witz!

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Finger weg!!!! Ca marche super. This is an amazing app and it works very well. The only problem is that it is kind of hard to understand how to use it at first.

La camara no se activa, detecta poco el ruido y la aplicación se cierra sola en ambos dispositivos cuando la manipulas. No es de fiar para controlar a un bebé. Aucun intérêt.

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No sabía que había apps de este tipo, así que ha sido un descubrimiento. Think product is the best I've used so far. Cons: The ads are ridiculous, who wants to watch an ad while trying to monitor their baby? Not me! The other thing that I don't like is the video likes to freeze at times, and that's not good since in the minutes of having to shut down and reopen the app your child can wake up. Pros: You can watch your baby from nearly anywhere, I got a ton of housework done and was even able to get mail and take trash o Not working due to not having wifi?

I've downloaded the app both to my phone and iPad. It's not letting me view my baby via live feed but I really just downloaded it so I'll review again later. Loved it wish it was completely free though. The app it self is pretty easy to set up. And I watch my elderly grandfather with it. Like a charm! Love it!!

I'm going to buy the full version!!! I love it!! They do know that as parents we want to know that we can depend on an app to give us piece of mind at night.

How to Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Surveillance Camera

I highly recommend this app. It seemed to work for the most part, at least it sent me the notification when he woke up. Now I've had another baby and I can't get the app to work correctly despite having uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. Clicking the help link is unhelpful, and going to their website sends up a phishing site warning, and trying to access bipfun. Well done , use it for my son and now i speak about it at all my parents and friends!! On te la fait à l'envers!! Application m'a l'aire complet, les concepteurs l'ont fait gratuit au début puis faut payer!

Donc je laisse un avis inutile Need a good wifi signal. It's pretty unreliable and crashes a lot. I love the concept though.

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  • The ability to talk to baby and turn on "face time" are really great. There's a slight delay but it's nothing to worry about. One time it crashed and it took me a while to notice because the screen froze and it looked like Comment donner un avis avant de pouvoir tester l'application? Difficile de donner son avis alors qu'on ne peut pas le tester sans donner cet avis. Adorei esta app!! Still trying to figure this out.

    The lite version usage "runs out" before being forced to buy. Terrible, since I haven't even used it for a day to figure out why it doesn't always connect to the iPod that I am using as a camera to my iphone6. Has good potential, though. Constant adds and forced closings. It does the job Great App!! I loved it.

    I just tested this in the afternoon when my toddler was sleeping in her room. The video was real good and clear. I'm not sure however if I can still access from outside, not from the same wifi.

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    Good stuff!! Went through a few baby monitor apps and stopped when I found this one! Very easy setup and layout! No instructions. It does a wonderful job for the price that's its offering. I would definitely recommend. Still think about it. Good so far. Don't waste your time. Parece no tener estar optimizado para Ipad. Chapó cómo aplicación para vigilar a los nenes aprovechando la disponibilidad de dispositivos apple. Please try it out. Funciona correctamente!!

    Télécharger IP Camera - Surveillance cam pour iPhone / iPad sur l'App Store (Utilitaires)

    Like the simplicity of the app -- no frills, just works. I got very frustrated and it finally worked but was very laggy. The concept in theory is great but afyer setting it up,trying it over the last two day I found that it worked for minutes then crashed each time. I tried closing and opening the apps multiple times, loging in and out of my account but every time the cameras would start and then one of the connections would drop. I have an mbps internet connection so it is no Je veux bien rédiger un avis, mais encore faudrait il en avoir un, je n'ai même pas encore pu m'en servir que je dois en déposer un!

    Ça marche sans soucis! Nur ist die Lite-Version schnell aufgebraucht. Simple to use.